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Get DataCap once a month by connecting to any GitHub account over 180 days old.

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What is a verified Filecoin address?

Anyone who is likely to be using Filecoin to store and use real data can verify their Filecoin address to receive DataCap. DataCap can be spent in storage deals with miners.

What is a Filecoin Notary?

A Notary is someone who is charged with allocating the amount of DataCap an address is likely to require, and granting that address a DataCap up to that amount. This app is one example of a Notary. You can find other Notaries (who will support larger DataCap allocations) here.

Why does it matter?

Data stored by verified addresses makes Filecoin storage miners eligible for more block rewards. This drives miners to compete for verified deals by improving quality of service. You can read more about this mechanism in the Filecoin Econ Whitepaper or in the original FIP.

How can I renew my address verification?

Once you’ve exhausted your DataCap, you can come back here and follow the same steps. This process can only be repeated at most once per 30 days. Please note that each DataCap request will need to use a new Filecoin address.

How do I verify my address?

This app provides small data caps to anyone who has a GitHub account over 180 days old to make testing and experimentation easy. Simply link your GitHub account to a Filecoin address, and we’ll grant that address 32 GiB of DataCap.

How can I find miners who will take my deals?

There is a list of miners offering special pricing for clients storing verified deals here.

What can I do with DataCap?

Clients with DataCap have increased power on the network. You can find a list of suggestions on how to best make use of that DataCap here.